What actually happened yesterday

(Note to reader: If you are looking for an impassioned, uplifting tirade against yesterday’s judgement, this isn’t it. This is, I presume, something no one wants to say or rather, hear right now.)… Continue reading

Puppy Episodes

Sometimes all you need in life is a little sense of humor and a lot of courage. Ellen DeGeneres saved me. She saved me from after-school afternoons of watching re-runs of Kahaani Ghar… Continue reading

Men having sex with men

Two days of shooting has left us as pleased as puzzled. Oh and also, we got a call from His Highness! As a student filmmaker, you start making a movie with all the… Continue reading

Meet Ninad

He is infamous for his forgetfulness, ability to never make it on time to anything and general sloppiness in everyday living. Sometimes he wonders how he gets by in this world. And then… Continue reading